Adorable, but Dangerous

There are many types of people that may need animal removal services. These include Denver business owners as well as home owners. It is important for people needing animal removal services to know that squirrel removal, raccoon removal and even bat removal are simple and humane procedures that can last for a very long time if done in the correct way. It is also important for people to understand that ignoring these wildlife creatures can wreak havoc on building structure, health of people within the building and create an all around terrible outcome. Wildlife removal services are a must, but should always be done in a humane way to protect people as well as animals.


Although they can seem harmless, helpful and even sometimes cute squirrels can cause a lot of damage to homes, property and even people. The biggest problem that is seen with squirrels is actually fire, but other problems can occur including structural damage to the home and insulation of the home. Fire may seem like one of the least of worries with squirrels, but it is actually the biggest because squirrels like to chew and don’t stop chewing when it comes to interior and exterior wiring. Squirrel removal is also important for health reasons. Squirrels can carry rabies and tetanus; they do not generally attack but will fight back when provoked. They can also carry fleas and ticks which can become a major problem for any home or business owner. We recommend contacting a local Denver squirrel removal company to take care of the problem for you. Many of the life the one you can find by clicking here will remove the squirrel in a 100% humane manner.


Raccoons can be one of the most menacing and frightening animals that could invade a home or business. They are aggressive, angry animals that will not tolerate being “trapped” in a room or attic. They will destroy any and everything in their path to ensure that they get free; they will use their sharp teeth and claws to chew and gnaw through everything from siding to water lines. Raccoons are very dangerous to humans because they will often attack unprovoked. It is important to note that raccoon removal is very simple when done by a professional. It is generally as easy as setting a trap into a cage, and transporting the animal to an open wildlife space where they can feel free and not like they are being threatened.


Bats, along with their creepiness factor, can truly cause a lot of damage to homes including contamination, structural damage and an onslaught of many other bats leading to an infestation. It is important for bat removal procedures to be carried out to help humans live a safe, happy and bat-free life. These procedures are very dependent on the situation, type and location of the area the bats are inhabiting but will never involve extermination because the bats are needed animals. Ways to get rid of a bat problem include trapping the bats, repairing damaged structures and sealing any open areas to prevent more bats from coming in. More extreme methods will sometimes include a taste deterrent applied throughout the area to make the bat’s food unappealing to them.